Personal Injury and Fatality

In civil litigation, actuaries are most often called upon to prepare economic loss reports pertaining to the value of:

·         Past and future lost earnings

·         Lost pension and other benefits

·         Past and future lost valuable (household) services

·         Future care costs

We can be retained on behalf of either the plaintiff or the defendant.  Our credibility and objectivity is helpful to clients who wish to negotiate a settlement in an expedient manner.


Here’s how the process typically unfolds once a client retains us:

·         Confirm that no conflict of interest exists

·         Confirm desired valuation date and when report is required

·         Confirm heads of damages to be included in the report

·         Review data provided (for example: overview of the incident, family/living situation of the plaintiff, income tax summaries, pension statements, expert medical opinion, life care plan/care cost report)

·         Confirm scope of assignment, collect any missing information

·         Do research as needed

·         Perform calculations

·         Prepare and submit report

Although normal turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks, we can prepare a report very quickly if your matter is urgent.


Our fees are commensurate with the complexity of the assignment.  Our clients tell us that our fees are very reasonable.


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