Civil Litigation

Personal injuries and wrongful death are not the only areas of civil litigation requiring the expertise of actuaries.  We will also quantify damages in areas that include:


Wrongful Dismissal

In matters of wrongful dismissal, there may be earnings losses related to inadequate notice and there may be significant lost pension.  We have worked for employees (plaintiff) and employers (defendant) in such situations, enhancing our reputation for unbiased and objective service.  We are intimately familiar with hundreds of Canadian pension plans, allowing us to perform our calculations and prepare our reports quickly, competently, and thoroughly.


Life Interests

The life and residual interests in a property may need to be valued, to facilitate a buyout or because of a marriage breakdown.  We perform such calculations on a regular basis.


Contingent Estate Valuations

In complex trust and estate situations, an actuary may be required to determine the value of the interests of one or more of the beneficiaries.  We have experience in these very complicated matters.


Wrongful Conviction

These matters arise relatively infrequently, but we do have experience in assessing lost past and future earnings for purposes of a settlement after an individual has been found to have been wrongfully convicted.


Criminal Rate of Interest

Section 347(4) of the Criminal Code of Canada provides that certification by a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA) is to be considered as proof of the effective annual rate of interest.

We have been involved in both civil litigation and criminal trials related to criminal rates of interest.  From major class action lawsuits involving payday loan providers to litigation related to a single mortgage contract, we have significant expertise in this area. 


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